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Choosing a band for your special event or venue can be a process filled with uncertainty and risk.  Sure, a band might seem great in their marketing and promotional materials, but hey, that's how marketing and promotional materials are SUPPOSED to make them look, right?


How do you know what it's really like to work with a band, to invite them to your celebration, your establishment, or your home?  How can you be sure that they will carry themselves in professional manner?  That they will take your needs and requests seriously?  That they'll be punctual... or that they'll show up at all?


Online reviews, that's how!


We've put our online reviews right here on our website, so you can read what actual clients have to say about their experiences with Tina and The Balance.


Have you hired TK&B in the past, and want to leave us your feedback?  Scroll down and click "Write a Review" to let the world know how we did!

Client Reviews
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